"A local group doing something amazing and slightly nautically strange... they mix twanging jangle with something that is a little more gritty and grimy and fantastic. I really love it."

- Paul Gough, 2SER Radio, SYDNEY

Dive into The Double Happiness

"The intersection of a Valium hazed B-52s in a nature doco directed by Quentin Tarantino set in the Bay Islands circa 1987 soundtracked by Dick Dale is where you’ll find this album by The Double Happiness." 


   - Kellie Lloyd, [Screamfeeder, Majestic Horses, Deafcult]

‘Surfgazing’ is a reverb-drenched ode to afternoons spent sun-kissed and wave-side, to letting the wind take your hand as it dangles out the car window along the highway and to '60s beach parties and the dance crazes that accompanied them. The full length, ten track album is brimming with chiming guitars, ear-hook lead melodies, shimmering cymbals and thunderous toms, driving bass-lines and dreamy call and response vocals.

"Surfgazing" is available on vinyl (very limited copies). Also available as digital download, Compact Disc, and collector's edition Cassette, all through 4000 Records.

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The Double Happiness – made up of Kristin & Pete Fergusson and Meg & Simon Welchman – formed their quartet in 2016. Since then, they have been writing, recording, and playing regular shows all over their hometown of Brisbane.


Described as 'surf gaze' – a combination of surf reverb and shoegaze indie-pop – their sounds are both a nod to the past and a sonic explosion of what is happening right now.



"Coochiemudlo has a dreamy disposition, evoking a feeling of freedom where time has no meaning; where you can float away and leave your worries anchored to the mainland."

– Music Is My Muse

"City is a fast moving, wonderfully angular guitar pop song with a dash of melancholy. Right up my Brisbane alley." 

– Greg Atkinson [Ups and Downs]

"Lots and lots of twangy guitars, tangential vocal styles – they are the grandchildren of post-punk spatial purity. I am taken with this sound, with its tanky reverbs, snappy snares and pretty melodies. They sound like the past and the future in a blender, and they sing about my home town - double the happiness of most other bands.” 

– Dr John Wilsteed [Xero, The Go-Betweens, Halfway]