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The Double Happiness – made up of Kristin & Pete Fergusson and Meg & Simon Welchman – formed their quartet in 2016. Since then, they have been writing, recording and playing regular shows all over their home town of Brisbane.


Described as 'surf gaze' – a combination of surf reverb and shoegaze indie pop – their sounds are both a nod to the past and a sonic explosion of what is happening right now.


Regularly featured on Triple Zed and community radio around the nation, they are currently putting the finishing touches on their follow-up LP to their 2018 debut EP 'City' and their widely-acclaimed single "No Place Like Nundah", which reached No. 15 on the 4zzz Hot 100 songs of 2019.

The first singles from their forthcoming album 'Surfgazing' are: WILD BIKINI/SPOOKY TIKI and COOCHIEMUDLO.


"Coochiemudlo has a dreamy disposition, evoking a feeling of freedom where time has no meaning; where you can float away and leave your worries anchored to the mainland."

– Music Is My Muse

"City is a fast moving, wonderfully angular guitar pop song with a dash of melancholy. Right up my Brisbane alley." 

– Greg Atkinson [Ups and Downs]

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The Double Happiness is based in Brisbane, AUSTRALIA

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