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The Double Happiness 'ROADHOUSE'

The cover art features the now long-gone Space Station at Yatala, evoking memories of road trips from a last era childhood as well as possessing an eerie aesthetic that could place it (un)comfortably in a David Lynch series. 

'Roadhouse' is the band’s third instalment, inspired by the quartet’s love of spaghetti-westerns, Tarantino soundtracks, dogs and David Lynch’s 'Twin Peaks'. 

The album beckons the listener to take a nostalgic journey, a family road trip, the kind where you’re tuned into AM radio and sliding around on hot vinyl back seats. Along the way, you might find yourself on a lost highway like the ‘Warrego’ or turning into a ‘Drive In’, just out of town. Local references are never far from the quartet’s consciousness with the iconic Yatala UFO Space Service Station of yesteryear featured in the album artwork. 

"Citing locations of significance is so important to us," muses guitarist and vocalist Kristin Fergusson. "They seem to really resonate with our audience too. So many songs have been written about far away places, far away in time, so why wouldn’t we create a space where folks can reminisce through the vehicle of song? Memories shared through our music have led to the most heartwarming conversations!"

There's a natural progression from the wild surf guitars of their previous album 'Surfgazing' to tremolo heavy reverberations of spaghetti western sounds that makes for an effortless transition from surfboards to steads. But don't' be fooled, the massive guitar hooks, pummeling drum work and fervent vocal exclamations are still most prevalent on the new record too.

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The Double Happiness ride high on their steeds through waves of their self-coined "surfgaze" sound - a compelling mix of surf, spaghetti-western, post-punk and shoegaze. The foursome create sonic earworms about beaches, ping pong, cities, existentialism, miscommunication, oysters and more.‍

‍The band wears an eclectic variety of musical influences on their paisley sleeves. Their songs pay homage to the genres that raised them but maintain a tangible connection to the timeless jangly guitar sounds of their hometown of Brisbane (Meanjin).‍

‍Their debut EP City (Valley Heat Records), released in 2018, became an instant 4ZZZ favourite with solid airplay around the country. Known for their lively reverb-drenched performances, they've enjoyed consistent gigging, including support duties for '90s UK giants The Charlatans.‍

‍In 2019 their beloved ode to Brisbane, 'No Place Like Nundah’, hit number fifteen in 4ZZZ’s Hot 100 and remains a singalong crowd favourite.‍

‍The quartet packed out The Outpost in early 2020 with the launch for the first single from their eagerly anticipated debut album Surfgazing (4000 Records). While 'Wild Bikini' is a high-energy beach romp, the album’s second single, 'Coochiemudlo', is a laid back surf lullaby to the small island off the south east coast.‍

"if you, like me, enjoy the goth-y, dreamy and slightly sparkly... you're welcome."

- Amanda Palmer,

musician, writer, legend

"A local group doing something amazing and slightly nautically strange... they mix twanging jangle with something that is a little more gritty and grimy and fantastic. I really love it."

- Paul Gough, 2SER Radio

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