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Vinyl - Surfgazing (New pressing!)

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Our previously sold out debut LP "Surfgazing" has a new look with a second pressing.

‘Surfgazing’ is a reverb-drenched ode to afternoons spent sun-kissed and wave-side, to letting the wind take your hand as it dangles out the car window along the highway and to '60s beach parties and the dance crazes that accompanied them. The full length, ten track album is brimming with chiming guitars, ear-hook lead melodies, shimmering cymbals and thunderous toms, driving bass-lines and dreamy call and response vocals.

"The intersection of a Valium hazed B-52s in a nature doco directed by Quentin Tarantino set in the Bay Islands circa 1987 sound tracked by Dick Dale is where you’ll find this album by The Double Happiness.
" - Kellie Lloyd, [Screamfeeder, Majestic Horses, Deafcult]

"Surfgazing" features:

  • Breathtaking original artwork screen printed by hand by Brisbane Artist Matt Deasy of No. 7 Printhouse, including a psychedelic spinning label!
  • Liner notes written by the band about the inspiration for each song.
  • A digital download link.
  • Mastered for vinyl, The Double Happiness' unique surfgaze sound and vintage vibe is best experienced in this music format.
  • This second pressing of 150 copies features a collectors edition metallic silver on black card gatefold sleeve.

Released on 4000 Records. Pressed at Zenith Records Melbourne. Wholly made in Australia.

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