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'Backseat Mafia' Review City (single)

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

by Arun Kendall

Those who remember the heady days of the Australian indie music scene in the eighties will remember the incredible range of bands playing every night on every pub on every corner – including bands that epitomised a certain charming innocence and simplicity while crafting indelible pop songs – bands like The Go-Betweens, The Particles, The Triffids and The LightHouse Keepers. In UK, similar a similar path was being tread by Postcard bands like Orange Juice and Aztec Camera. Well, listening to the debut single by Brisbane band The Double Happiness has invoked a very pleasant and overwhelming sense of nostalgia for that time.

‘City’ has that sparse driving rhythm that recalls very early The Cure but with an Australian flavour and reverb-soaked guitars picking out delicate melodies. It could only come from that hotbed of indie pop, Brisbane.

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