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“Our hometown is big enough to be cool with a thriving local music scene, yet small enough to recognise almost every face at a gig.”

The Double Happiness ride high on the waves of their self-coined “surf-gaze” sound: a postmix of surf, punk and shoegaze.

The foursome consists of two couples who create sonic ear-worms about all manner of things, great and small. Beaches, ping pong, existentialism, city landmarks, miscommunication, little oysters with big dreams and so much more. From Snapper Rocks, an unashamed B52’s surf guitar track, Wild Bikini‘s high-energy beach-western romp, to the nostalgia shining through on No Place Like Nundah, (“King George Square once had a fountain / Before the dam went dry”) rest assured, when it comes to The Double Happiness – all dinghies lead to serious tropical and topical vibes. Tuning in evokes sunshine, a cool breeze and a sea change: effective immediately.

Easily some of Coochiemudlo Island’s biggest fans, (a teensy ferry ride from Brisbane with picturesque shores), The Double Happiness are looking forward to returning to the idyllic isle to perform. Their single, ‘Coochiemudlo’, is a laid back ode/surf-lullaby to the small island off the Great South-East coast.

Coochiemudlo Island Festival is our dream gig. We can’t wait to make our song about the island an infectious earworm for everyone who joins us. Coochiemudlo’s vibe suits the world’s current slowed pace. Stopping to take it all in, less rush and less intensity. It’s an eccentric little island and a very likeable one.”


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