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Music is my Muse: It's smiles all round for Qld's newest island music festival

Posted by Russell Thompson | May 14, 2021 | Reviews

As people have just been able to appreciate live music in its many states over the past few months, the rewarding experience of sharing live music as a community is a known rare luxury. With the ominous feeling of lockdown never being too far away from the minds of many, festivals have been one of the most contentious events during the coronavirus pandemic. The logistics of organising a festival is a tough process, and even that can be dependent on the right environmental circumstances to ensure a successful event. This is an important part of why the very first Coochiemudlo Island Festival, held on 8 May 2021, was such a resounding success in its unique and powerful experience.

As all participants boarded a brief, but beautiful ferry ride from Victoria Point on Brisbane’s southside unto the shore of Coochiemudlo, there was an immediate charm to the isolation, and comfort in the welcoming hospitality. The event took place in Mudlo Gardens just next to the ferry terminal, so the very moment punters took their first steps off the boat they were welcomed to the vibrant sounds of the day.


As night descended, the stage lightshow was in full effect for the band who inspired the creation of Coochiemudlo Island Festival. The Double Happiness graced the stage to share their awesome surf gaze sound with a crowd who shared the moment with dancing and laughter. It was a surreal scene to see these Brisbane beauties bring a great wave of happiness and wholesome vibes to all corners of the island. Leading ladies Meg and Kristin even dressed the part, donning matching jellyfish patterned dresses – an ode to the jellyfish they speak of in their track Coochiemudlo. A delightful spectacle of sound and smiles, The Double Happiness have no doubt cemented themselves as the unofficial-but-official human mascots of the isle.



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