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'Music Is My Muse' – The Double Happiness Tune Brisbane in Debut ‘CITY’ EP

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

If Shakespeare was a musician living in modern-day Brisbane, his wordsmith skills would be no match for The Double Happiness, who have a penned a post-punk love letter to their sunshine-soaked hometown on debut EP, City, out 16 March.

Comprising of two couples on the longest double date ever, The Double Happiness have created a record that is washed in a tsunami of reverb, urgent drums and hauntingly sweet vocal harmonies.

An ode to Brisbane and their collective experiences growing up here, bassist Meg Welchman says the record’s reverb-laden guitar harmonies hark back to a time when Brisbane bands sought to rise above the chaos of the politics of the Bjelke-Petersen era.

City is a concept EP about our home, no longer a country town, explored through past and present soundscapes, created for your listening pleasure,” said Meg.

Local landmarks and colourful characters feature in City. The signature opening guitar phrases are a reassurance that you are being taken on a warm and familiar trip down Brisbane’s memory lane while moving towards the sounds of now.

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