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'The Soundcheck' review City (single)

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

Set your phasers to reverb and get set for some spooky surf rock vibes from dreamy Brissie quartet The Double Happiness and brand new music dropping today from their whimsical brains to your ears; ladies and gents, say hello to the title track 'City' from the group's brand new EP due out in March (and a brand new music video to go with it!).

Already known locally for their intangible fusion of alt-surf-spaghetti-western pop, 'City' steadily pumps along with sublime and silky guitars washing over ghostly vocals, conjuring an eerie bliss that'll transport you straight to a 1960s surf break with Clint Eastwood by your side.

While the track might put the spotlight on the band's hometown city of Brisbane, a town notoriously home to only one "beach" (and a man-made one at that), city life itself takes a backseat as the track dips its toes into more coastal vibes, but with a slightly bittersweet undertone - a tendency we will no doubt revisit when the EP drops in full, as singer/guitarist Kristin Fergusson explains: "The EP explores the motifs of living in the shadows of tall buildings whilst being surrounded by strangers, awkward family moments as well as an ode to Ping Pong”.

Consisting of a never-ending double date between two couples, The Double Happiness, aka Meg Welchman, Simon Welchman, Kristin Fergusson and Peter Fergusson, will be ramping things up with the official EP launch in March - but in the meantime, 'City' is a tantalising peek into the upcoming release.

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