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'The Weekend Edition' report in on our ‘City’ EP Launch @ the Milk Factory 16/03/18

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

Having formed only two years ago, the quartet which is made up of two very happy couples, have been writing, recording and playing shows with a view to releasing a triptych of themed EPs in 2018. The first of these being ‘City’; a record that is washed in a tsunami of reverb, echoing through the inner city streets of Brisbane, best played on a car stereo with a view to our Milo coloured river reaches.

“The EP explores the motifs of living in the shadows of tall buildings whilst being surrounded by strangers, awkward family moments as well as an ode to Ping Pong” explains vocalist and guitarist, Kristin Fergusson. “We can’t wait to share this EP with the folks at our intimate launch, and we’re especially excited to celebrate with Ultra Material and Julia R. Anderson, two of our favourite local acts!”

With a strong call back to the pioneers of post-punk and early surf rock, listeners will relish in the influences of Joy Division, The Shadows, Stereolab and Sonic Youth.

The first eponymous single from the EP attracts the lost, the lonely and the brave. A reverb-guitar-driven journey of a young seeker that builds to a dramatic climax via the spooky side-streets of a sleeping city.


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